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Medication Support is a digital health and care provider working with community organisations to digitise medication management in care.

We enable organisations to deliver more and better care in the community by developing new and innovative medication management services, using the latest technology-based products. At the heart of what we do, is our approach to solving problems by challenging current practices and providing disruptive change to service delivery.

We bring over thirty years of innovation and experience to creating new products and services designed to tackle some of the most intractable problems in health and care delivery. Driven by a serial innovator Norman Niven, in we have proven our capability to deliver products and services in the field of medication management, that have revolutionized the way medicines are administered and recorded.

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Developing Innovative Solutions to Managing Medicines for Over 30 Years



In early 2018, Liverpool City Council commissioned Norman Niven to develop a new technology-based service to manage medication administration monitoring more safely and in a more sustainable way.

In September 2018, the PAMAN system was presented to an appreciative and impressed commissioner of adult services, Ann Williams. The PAMAN system, is the latest innovative product to be designed and developed by Norman Niven and the first that incorporates the very latest technology for remote monitoring.


In 2008 Norman Niven’s company Protomed designed and developed the first medication management system that could accommodate medicinal liquids as well as solid oral dosage forms. Biodose went on to revolutionize medication administration management throughout Europe in the following 5 very busy years.


In 1991, Norman Niven’s company Surgichem was responsible for developing, marketing and selling the first UK-designed medication dispensing system, Nomad, which became the most widely adopted system in the UK with over 200,000 patients using the system through over 3,000 pharmacies.


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