PAMAN Support Centre

Operator: Norman Niven

Address:26 Rectory Street, Kensington, Liverpool
Telephone number:0998 2353536
Registration number:PM26252

MEDIHUB ID:  K160501010000282

Wednesday 19th September

Morning call:  11:15am

Medication Alerts

Injection of Vitamin B 12 daily Each Morning
Hydrocortisone injection 200mg/10ml Wednesday AM
NSAID medication avoid tyrosine / yeast products advise
Aspirin avoid OTC products with aspirin or derivatives – Benoral

External Preparations

Hydrocortisone cream 1% BLUE TUBE SPARINGLY
Aqueous cream WHITE/BLUE TUB


Sterile Dressing Packs  
Melolin Dressings 5cm  
Hypoallergenic Tape  

Other Advice

Take medicines with plenty of water  
Birthday: June 14th
Age: 76
Husband nameHenry (badger) Fireman
Husband’s birthdayAugust 4th 1935
Married 26th May 1955
Next anniversary 64
Sons Robert (BGG) Thomas (BB)
Daughters Alice (GG), Emily (BGBG)
HobbiesKnitting, Crosswords, walking
MusicBob Marley, Bing Crosby

GP Surgery

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Supplying Pharmacy

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Case Manager (Care)

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Funding Source

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Designated Relative

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Call List

Mrs Mary Swann

MEDIHUB ID:  K160501010000282

26 Rectory Street

Kensington, Liverpool

Mr Jack Connor

MEDIHUB ID: K140901010001304

11, Richards Road

Kensington, Liverpool

Ms Dorothy Leicester

MEDIHUB ID: K160501010000696

45 Keeper Street

Kensington, Liverpool

Mrs Mona Lotte

MEDIHUB ID: 91847189247987

38, Rush Street

Kensington, Liverpool

Mr Basil Brash

MEDIHUB ID: 189319284719487

1 Coppertop Avenue

Kensington, Liverpool

Mrs Lorna Dune

MEDIHUB ID:  83791847984714897

33, Copple Street

Kensington, Liverpool